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229,90 €

+ Monthly subscription: 8,90 € / month


In the same logic as the RoadOne, Plug & Ride offers SecuRide, the centralizer of all the features related to your safety and that of your vehicle, on the road as parking.

Complementing the features offered by the RoadOne, SecuRide security features activate and deactivate based on your proximity.

Currently under development, discover all its features in video.

SecuRide is currently under development to be presented to you as soon as possible.

This accessory exclusively compatible with the RoadOne, you will easily benefit from all the following security features:


  • Detection of movements or shocks: user alert + alarm + geolocation in real time
  • Detection of flights and movements: user alert + alarm + geolocation in real time + emergency contact alert
  • Interlock
  • Alarm


  • Accident detection: real-time geolocation + emergency contact alert
  • Anti-bikejacking: real-time geolocation + emergency contact alert + alarm + remote stop of the vehicle


  • Currently undergoing technical validation, we are studying the feasibility of a community alert to all owners of the RoadOne via SMS.
  • 1x SecuRide case including:
    • 1x alarm
    • 1x interlock / anti-bikejacking
    • 1x GSM module
    • 1x geolocation module
    • 1x 3-axis gyroscope / accelerometer module
  • 1x monthly GSM plan