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149,90 €

Available for pre-order soon


1st active, intelligent and connected accessory centralizer allowing you to easily and quickly install up to 6 comfort and safety accessories without technical or mechanical knowledge.

Forget the many cable runs related to the controls and control your accessories via the application RoadOne or RemoteR1.

Preserve your battery and control your accessories safely thanks to an active identification of your presence by the RoadOne.

ACTIVE: The RoadOne continuously searches for your presence thanks to the secure identification key. When you are near your vehicle, your accessories are ready for use. As you move away, the RoadOne secures and disables your accessories to preserve your battery.

SMART: Simple to install, the RoadOne connects quickly to the terminals of the battery (12V) of your vehicle. It then identifies the accessories that are plugged in and automatically sends the list to the mobile application.

CONNECTED: The application customizes the controls menu (depending on the accessories connected and identified) and allows the control of your accessories.



  • Connect your accessories in 1 plug
  • Control your accessories via the mobile app or the Remote R1
  • Forget cable runs and car relays related to installing your accessories
  • Prevent the triggering of your accessories by a third party
  • Customize your 2 wheels with a wide range of Plug & Ride products or partners without technical, mechanical or electronic knowledge



  1. The RoadOne app: Totally free and available on Android (soon iOS), the application RoadOne allows you to control all your accessories in touch or voice mode. Once launched and connected in Bluetooth to the RoadOne it receives the list of your connected accessories and customizes the menu of commands.
  2. The R1 Remote: Currently under development, it will allow the purists of you to get rid of the mobile application and control your accessories via the 6 physical buttons that make up the Remote R1. The Remote connects to the RoadOne without taking the place of another accessory.
  • 1x RoadOne (73 x 43 x 17 mm)
  • 1x identification key (battery included)
  • Mobile app