Remote R1

54,90 €

Development in progress ...

Do you want to free yourself from the mobile application? Control your accessories with the Remote R1.

The Remote R1 connects to the RoadOne without taking the place of another accessory thanks to its double plug.

Keep all the control features of your accessories:

  • ON / OFF commands
  • Heating modes (eg heated seats): 80%, 50%, 30%
  • Define an accessory in ON or OFF mode by default (when approaching the identification key)
  • Automatic activation of the remote R1 by recognition of the identification key
  • Automatic deactivation of the remote R1 and your accessories by removing the identification key
  1. Connect the Remote R1 to a socket on the RoadOne
  2. Paste accessory thumbnails (included) on corresponding light buttons
  3. You can connect any accessory to the "extension socket" of the Remote R1

Dimensions: development in progress ...

Development in progress ...