Plug & Ride was created in 2019 with the ambition to democratize the comfort and safety of users of 2-wheelers and their vehicles.

what do we mean ?

We are close to 4 million drivers in France to share the passion of the 2 motorized wheels, to be subjected to bad weather and to the discomfort, the accidents or theft of our vehicle.

That's why we developed the RoadOne, the first active, intelligent and connected active accessory center to collect and control all motorized 2 wheel accessories.

What is the RoadOne?

Concretely, you want to equip your vehicle with accessories such as heated grips, additional lights etc. but does it seem expensive or difficult for you to do? Or, do you want to equip yourself with heated seats, but OEMs do not have an existing reference for your vehicle?

At Plug & Ride, we believe that you and your vehicle deserve the best in comfort and convenience. safety, no matter what your 2-wheel model.

Thanks to the RoadOne, you have access to a full range of accessories, accessible and compatible with all types of vehicles.

Thanks to the RoadOne, you can now install all your accessories in 1 plug, without technical, mechanical or electronic knowledge.

Once connected, your accessories are automatically recognized and controlled by the mobile application, or the Remote R1. Forget all the cable runs related to the controls, as well as the after-contact automotive relays.

How was the RoadOne idea born?

Are you a biker too? So these few examples will talk to you:

- The fear of not being seen by going up the lines of continuous cars,
- The cold that paralyzes your hands, in winter, to the point of not succeeding to curb,
- The difficulty of having to join his work in the morning, by swapping his hot cup of coffee, against a cold saddle,
- We pass and the best ...

to create Plug & Ride, we were already passionate about the world of 2 wheels and bikers distraught. We had the desire, like many of you, to enjoy the 2 wheels, in comfort and safety.

Counting several tens of thousands of kilometers a year, in dry, rainy weather, whether it snows or he sells, it became essential to react.

Looking to equip oneself face in all situations, correctly and at a lower cost, it is first by conventional means that the heated seats, heated grips and additional lights, tried to find a place on the daily vehicle.

After several tutorials, gleaned here and there on the Internet, everything was ready for the installation. After a full day, to mount the accessories, connect the car relays and taken after contacts, repatriate the control buttons to the dashboard, everything was laid and connected.

Only task on the board? An unexpected bug and not found on an accessory, a bundle of monstrous cables, a day of lost, and removal of accessories made unavoidable (in short ... all for nothing!).

A certainty? These accessories would eventually be mounted, as soon as a simple and accessible solution would be found.

And the first RoadOne was born:

With this RoadOne, the difficulty was no longer mounting accessories ... but the size of the case!

Other versions quickly followed:

Jusqu'à celui que l'on vous présente aujourd'hui !

It's because we needed it we created it.

It's because you will not be able to do without it anymore, you have to try it!