Download the RoadOne app to control all your accessories (Android version and soon available iOS)

NB: This functional version of the application is a Beta. The voice function is not yet compatible with motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.
The voice function is operational with or without a wired headset.

Presentation of the application (Android beta)

First connection

Before launching the app, connect the RoadOne to the battery of your vehicle and stay close to the case. Activate the Bluetooth on your phone and pair the RoadOne. Open the app and scan the QR Code provided in your RoadOne pack. The RoadOne is now recognized by the app. The next time you log in, the RoadOne will connect automatically when you launch your application.

Manage your accessories

Once the connection is established between your RoadOne and the application, your accessories connected to the RoadOne are automatically detected. The menu of your application is setting itself.

NB: Only accessories "flashing" will not appear because their operation is independent of the application. However you can find this accessory in the "list of connected accessories" present in the "Burger Menu".

To activate / deactivate an accessory, 2 possibilities:
- Touch mode: short press on the accessory icon,
- Voice mode: pass your hand in front of the photo sensor of your phone and then place the following command: "active" (or "disables") + "name of the accessory". For example ; "activates the heated handles".

Heating modes

For some accessories like heated seats, 4 modes are accessible:
- Short press on the icon: ON / OFF,
- Long press on the icon: Heating mode 80%, 50%, 30%.

NB: the 3 specific heating modes are not available in voice mode on the beta.

Changing accessory settings

You can change the settings of your accessories at any time:
- Name (not to mention the accents for voice recognition),
- Icon,
- Active mode by default.

mode "Active by default" allows the automatic activation of the accessory when the application is opened.

NB: the voice recognition is based on the name of the accessories presented on the "Home"

Some more features!

In the menu you will find, for example, the activation / deactivation of the modes:
- Reading of incoming SMS (also configurable from the "Home"),
- Voice instructions.

The road to music

Program up to 9 favorite radios (deletable from the menu) via the radio icon on the "Home". This function is compatible with the voice command:
"activates the radio".

If no radio of your favorites has been listened to, the first radio of your favorites will launch. Otherwise, the last listened radio will start.

In touch mode:
- Activate / deactivate the radio by a short press,
- Select one of your favorite radios by a long press.